It’s all about the little ones….

English: This figure illustrates the function ...
English: This figure illustrates the function of the Everyday Parenting curriculum (EPC). “FCU” in this figure refers to The Family Check Up which utilizes the Everyday Parenting curriculum. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It all about the little ones…

Concerns of the 21st century……

The news… What is happening to the children here in our country?

Why are we reading about shootings, suicides, drugs, gangs, violence, teen pregnancies etc, etc, etc?

This is not something new, but it seems to be getting worse and the talk is always about the terrible incidents.

What’s going on in their world? Educators, parents and caring social workers are working on the sidelines to improve the quality of life for our little ones….

There are some children who are getting early intervention to prevent the onset of something worse happening in their lives. Protection and guidance is needed as they grow and mature. There are many early interventionists who are assisting families and educators as they work with children who are experiencing behavioral issues.

Preschoolers are learning how to become good citizens, and are developing important socialization skills through play.

Bullying must continue to be addressed and prevented. Parents who need to learn better parenting skills should have access to community classes free of charge.

The Dept. of Social Services must take their responsibility to these children and families seriously. In order to prevent the terrible crimes from continuing, there has to be an awakening of not only the community and the schools, but of the local churches too.

This is the most important aspect of a child’s growth-“spiritual.”

Let’s get the word out- let the kids know they have the hope for a better future.

With a world that appears to be going crazy, what are the kids thinking?

Get a message of hope out to them.

They can be over-comers and world changers!


God’s prescription plan for you….

Pharmacy Rx symbol
Pharmacy Rx symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


God’s prescription plan for you….


Childhood memories or lack of them can bring much heartache into our adult lives.


When we have experienced loss, abuse, neglect or abandonment we can have the echoing of their scars tormenting us. Having the strength and courage to admit we have something from our childhood haunting us is the first step to a healing process.


Unpacking the unnecessary baggage from our past can be a strenuous process. Dragging the past into our future is a weight in life that will wear you down.


I want to encourage you to stop and think -what is it that you aren’t letting go of?


What is it that you are dragging around with you like a weight around your neck?


As children who are experiencing a traumatic event, they may become fixated on the event in their life. This will cause a repeat of hurtful events as you unknowing allow that event to keep you from healing and moving on to a happier future. Healing is a choice.


A choice we can make and pursue. Healing can come and stay if we invite it into our hearts and lives. Along with healing comes the grieving process. This will allow us to let go and grieve the loss, then move on in life. I want to encourage you to allow yourself to grieve your loss. Your heartache, your abused childhood, your severed relationship-whatever it is that is weighing on your heart-let it go.


Grieve the loss and move on with a healed heart.


The Bible tells us to not worry about tomorrow because tomorrow has enough trouble on its own. (Mathew 6:34) Don’t worry about your future. Accept healing today, and heal your future. When I was younger, I wanted so much to have a father who loved me.


I thought of so many things I could do in order to fix my life. If only I could be a better daughter, If only my Mom would reconcile with my father. If only I could talk to him…. These are some of the “If only” we say or think. After I became a Christian, I asked God to heal my heart. I learned to accept the fact that I didn’t have a father in my life here on earth, but I did have a heavenly father who loved and cared for me. God can be to you whatever you need for your healing. His prescription plan for you is unique and measured according to your hurting heart. God will bring people into your life and through others who love Him; you will experience the healing power of God.


I encourage you to accept God’s prescription plan for you.


Give it to him… Grieve your losses, and accept healing…..




The logo, including Casey, for the YCW of America
The logo, including Casey, for the YCW of America (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The attitude of many teenagers is that an action isn’t wrong unless they get caught. They feel there are no boundaries that cannot be crossed and unless taught by their parents, they feel nothing is sacred. Parents and educators who try to put boundaries on teens become the adversary. Adults who question and criticize their choices are often labeled ‘judgers’ and ‘haters.’ In the media, they have been taught tolerance to the point of having no spiritual convictions or personal standards.


Young people go through a stage where they feel invincible, so gangs deliberately foster the myth of invincibility that only age and experience can normally dispel. Power is addictive, and many young people like the rush they get. Teens are very much influenced by the peers and the media. The music, videos, games, etc. are filling their minds and souls. As concerned citizens, the community has to take a role in helping prevent violence and redirecting the youth to a different way of life.


As soon as a teen in inducted into a gang, they are expected to perform crimes such as home invasions, brutal attacks, rape, murder or carjacking as a form of initiation. The psychological affect on the teen becomes overwhelming. This brings the new member’s own innocence to a halt and their self-esteem gets shattered. They then become a like-minded participant in the deeds. Once a new member does something like this and gets away with it, there’s usually some kind of tangible reward, such as money or stolen goods, as well as the applause and praise by other members for their courage and loyalty. When a young person is the center of a hero party atmosphere, it’s difficult to resist.


Parents should be the main influence in their teens’ lives, but unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. There are parents who are trying to be responsible parents but just don’t know how to be the parent that their child needs them to be. Parents can get help in the community they live in by contacting associations that offer help with teen violence. Community awareness is an important aspect of preventing youths from becoming involved in violent activities. A program like STRYVE, or Striving To Reduce Youth Violence Everywhere, is a national initiative led by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to prevent youth violence before it starts among young people ages 10 to 24. STRYVE’s vision is safe and healthy youth who can achieve their full potential as connected and contributing members of thriving, violence-free families, schools, and communities. STRYVE’s goals are to:


Increase awareness that youth violence can and should be prevented.


Promote the use of youth violence prevention approaches that are based upon the best available evidence. Provide guidance to communities on how to prevent youth violence.


Vetoviolence, retrieved on Oct.6, 2014 from:




Words in the morning…..

Words (Photo credit: sirwiseowl)

As we prepare for school, I have thought about the words that will be spoken to many children as their parents try to get them back on a routine. Many parents look forward to getting back on the school routine. Summer is coming to an end and many kids are getting bored. With boredom comes behavior issues. So as parents are waking their children up early and dealing with the No’s, the crankiness and the difficult mornings, I want to encourage parents to use your words wisely as you get our kids off to school. They are the most valuable part of our lives. Use you words wisely. Speak with kindness in your voices and remember to thank God for each day we have with them.

Pray for protection over your children everyday. I still pray daily for each one of my kids, even though they are grown. As they face the world and all that comes with it! I pray for my youngest as he faces his senior year in high school. I pray for my grandchildren as each one starts their day.

I have been working on a new book. It is a Christian Fantasy and I want to share a bit of it with my followers, as I urge you all to choose your words wisely as we get our kids off to school!

“Way in the distance she noticed a usually big tree –a gigantic tree that was covered with branches and vines. On each branch hung a fruit. The tree had fruit of every kind. Evangeline could not take her eyes away from this unusual tree. As she felt herself being drawn closer to the tree, she cautiously made her way over to the huge tree trunk and reached out to touch the unusual tree. The texture was rough and jagged much like a harsh word that had once been spoken to a child.”

Let your words be soft and encouraging…..

Pastor Gets Real With Youth

Keeping it real with our teens.

 Season change-Help is on the way!

Parents, grandparents, educators, friends, family-everyone!

 Let’s make it real with our youth. Don’t allow the enemy to blind us to the world he has drawn our teens into.

Make it real.

It’s not over till God says so.

Our children will see that God will do what He said He will do!

Pastor Gets Real With Youth
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Published on Aug 28, 2012
Local Mega-Church Pastor Ron Carpenter Jr. of Redemption World Outreach Center in Greenville, SC has a serious talk with the youth in his congregation. He goes to a place few pastors go, and transparently tells a deeply personal story of heartache, drama, and his never-ending battle to save his oldest son from a crippling drug addiction. Parents, grab your kids. Teens, share this with as many people as you can. Let’s show the world how to fix a generation…the right way.

*Credit to Redemption World Outreach Center and Ron Carpenter Jr.*

For more RWOC and Ron Carpenter content, visit or

Used by Permission

We need to keep it real with our youth.
The world they live in is not an easy world.
The enemy is trying to steal them from us.
The tools of the enemy are real.
The anointing breaks the yoke.
Listen to this sermon in its’ entirety.
It will change your life!