Unresolved Family Conflict

As we watch our world at war, I think about what makes America strong and what keeps it strong through so many trials and tribulations. Family is the root of America’s strength. Keeping families strong and focused is the key to a strong country.

What do we do when there is conflict in a family that is eating away at the core? Is there such a thing as a family that can get through any trial or hardship? Some challenges are difficult to face as many have their pride standing in their way. Parents and children are losing the battle to keep their family strong and are threatened with challenges that can easily be handled if it is done with wisdom and forgiveness.

Following some simple guidelines will enable families to stay close and strong. Handling conflict must be done with proper steps and with wisdom. Sensitive subjects can be addressed with care and consideration of the other person’s feelings. But who should take the first step to reconciliation? Search your heart and ask yourself that question….

Set limits, expect respect, and remember God’s word in each situation. If a grown child disrespected their parent, or stops talking to them, this does not please God. God knows a man’s heart and will work to change it. Parents can pray and take a step of faith by confronting the child with their lack of respect. Reminding them that you are the parent and God tells us to honor our mother and father. You can tell them the importance of keeping the relationship strong.

Mother-in-laws who manipulate their grown child’s life, must realize the damage they are doing to their family. Trusting God with challenges our families face is the way to peace and harmony in our homes and relationships.

Brother and sisters, use your words wisely. Remember God can change situations and people’s hearts through the power of the Holy Spirit, In his timing not ours.Who can be the better person and say “I’m concerned about our relationship?”

Forgiveness is the first step to reconciliation and healing. It takes two hearts to be softened in order for reconciliation to occur. If one person remains bitter and angry, the relationship will not mend. If you find yourself in a situation with a family member who refuse to reconcile, don’t give up. Pray and trust God to move in their heart.

Forgiveness is powerful and will enable change to take place.

God’ s word tells us “If possible, so far as it is in you, live peacefully with all men.” Romans 12:18 NASB

Do your part and relinquish the relationship to Christ. Family is important to God.  Life is short, don’t waste a moment.


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