Pastor Gets Real With Youth

Keeping it real with our teens.

 Season change-Help is on the way!

Parents, grandparents, educators, friends, family-everyone!

 Let’s make it real with our youth. Don’t allow the enemy to blind us to the world he has drawn our teens into.

Make it real.

It’s not over till God says so.

Our children will see that God will do what He said He will do!

Pastor Gets Real With Youth
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Published on Aug 28, 2012
Local Mega-Church Pastor Ron Carpenter Jr. of Redemption World Outreach Center in Greenville, SC has a serious talk with the youth in his congregation. He goes to a place few pastors go, and transparently tells a deeply personal story of heartache, drama, and his never-ending battle to save his oldest son from a crippling drug addiction. Parents, grab your kids. Teens, share this with as many people as you can. Let’s show the world how to fix a generation…the right way.

*Credit to Redemption World Outreach Center and Ron Carpenter Jr.*

For more RWOC and Ron Carpenter content, visit or

Used by Permission

We need to keep it real with our youth.
The world they live in is not an easy world.
The enemy is trying to steal them from us.
The tools of the enemy are real.
The anointing breaks the yoke.
Listen to this sermon in its’ entirety.
It will change your life!


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