Three Ways to Love an Addict

Letting go, and letting God take conttol……

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For those of us who have a loved one with an addiction to alcohol or drugs, there are some very significant ways to help them without trying to “Fix” them. In co-dependency, we always try to fix the problem, fix the hurt, or fix the person, but can we … Really? The answer is no, which brings us to the first way to love an addict …b3f5c2a6bba5bf654ee56c521cadcaa9

  1. Stop trying to fix things. Your loved one and his or her addiction is something you have no control over. Trying to fix it will lead to YOUR insanity.  Instead of trying to fix the addict, fix yourself.  Yep! I know!  Many years ago, I picked up a book by Stormie O’Martian called “Power of a Praying Wife!”  I was going to pray my husband into sobriety! On the first couple of pages of that book, the words clearly said it was…

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