God’s prescription plan for you….

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God’s prescription plan for you….


Childhood memories or lack of them can bring much heartache into our adult lives.


When we have experienced loss, abuse, neglect or abandonment we can have the echoing of their scars tormenting us. Having the strength and courage to admit we have something from our childhood haunting us is the first step to a healing process.


Unpacking the unnecessary baggage from our past can be a strenuous process. Dragging the past into our future is a weight in life that will wear you down.


I want to encourage you to stop and think -what is it that you aren’t letting go of?


What is it that you are dragging around with you like a weight around your neck?


As children who are experiencing a traumatic event, they may become fixated on the event in their life. This will cause a repeat of hurtful events as you unknowing allow that event to keep you from healing and moving on to a happier future. Healing is a choice.


A choice we can make and pursue. Healing can come and stay if we invite it into our hearts and lives. Along with healing comes the grieving process. This will allow us to let go and grieve the loss, then move on in life. I want to encourage you to allow yourself to grieve your loss. Your heartache, your abused childhood, your severed relationship-whatever it is that is weighing on your heart-let it go.


Grieve the loss and move on with a healed heart.


The Bible tells us to not worry about tomorrow because tomorrow has enough trouble on its own. (Mathew 6:34) Don’t worry about your future. Accept healing today, and heal your future. When I was younger, I wanted so much to have a father who loved me.


I thought of so many things I could do in order to fix my life. If only I could be a better daughter, If only my Mom would reconcile with my father. If only I could talk to him…. These are some of the “If only” we say or think. After I became a Christian, I asked God to heal my heart. I learned to accept the fact that I didn’t have a father in my life here on earth, but I did have a heavenly father who loved and cared for me. God can be to you whatever you need for your healing. His prescription plan for you is unique and measured according to your hurting heart. God will bring people into your life and through others who love Him; you will experience the healing power of God.


I encourage you to accept God’s prescription plan for you.


Give it to him… Grieve your losses, and accept healing…..




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