Words in the morning…..

Words (Photo credit: sirwiseowl)

As we prepare for school, I have thought about the words that will be spoken to many children as their parents try to get them back on a routine. Many parents look forward to getting back on the school routine. Summer is coming to an end and many kids are getting bored. With boredom comes behavior issues. So as parents are waking their children up early and dealing with the No’s, the crankiness and the difficult mornings, I want to encourage parents to use your words wisely as you get our kids off to school. They are the most valuable part of our lives. Use you words wisely. Speak with kindness in your voices and remember to thank God for each day we have with them.

Pray for protection over your children everyday. I still pray daily for each one of my kids, even though they are grown. As they face the world and all that comes with it! I pray for my youngest as he faces his senior year in high school. I pray for my grandchildren as each one starts their day.

I have been working on a new book. It is a Christian Fantasy and I want to share a bit of it with my followers, as I urge you all to choose your words wisely as we get our kids off to school!

“Way in the distance she noticed a usually big tree –a gigantic tree that was covered with branches and vines. On each branch hung a fruit. The tree had fruit of every kind. Evangeline could not take her eyes away from this unusual tree. As she felt herself being drawn closer to the tree, she cautiously made her way over to the huge tree trunk and reached out to touch the unusual tree. The texture was rough and jagged much like a harsh word that had once been spoken to a child.”

Let your words be soft and encouraging…..


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