Simple… Blueberry Jam!

Aww…The simple things in life…They are priceless!

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It’s a good thing I live with the man I do…

He pretty much wakes up and just waits to see what I’m going to do

If I decide to cleanOK with him!…k14386366

If I decide to playOK with himsdu0040

If I decide not to cook breakfast OK with him…

and then there may be a feast waiting

OK with him!u26664217

Today after breakfast I started making Blueberry Jam

I’m addicted to this freezer jam recipe

I had made Strawberry about a month ago… Have

two jars left…


So easy! … and for some reason… The jam made at home tastes so good!…

Even if it is a simple recipe


Fresh Blueberries… about 2 to 2-1/2 pints

Washed …


5 to 5-1/2 cups Sugar and I packet of Sure-Jell

Add sugar to berries… stir till to sugar is…

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