Overcome negativity with knowing God is greater than any negative words or emotions!

Answers to negativity…..

Negative feelings:                                        Know that you can, will, are………

  • Hopeless                                             Have sincere hope for there will be a better future
  • Abandoned                                         Find acceptance in God’s family
  • Abnormal                                            You are uniquely made
  • Afraid                                                 Over-comer of fear
  • Threatened                                        Secure in Christ’s love
  • Isolated                                            Know you are so important. step into your life
  • Misunderstood                                 Let your feelings and beliefs be known
  • Judged                                                God is our final judge
  • Unaccepted                                        Accept others and forgive
  • Rejected                                             Move on
  • Controlled                                           Take control of your inner being
  • Powerless                                          There is power in God’s WORD! Use it.
  • Untrusted                                          Do whatever you can to earn the trust back.
  • Untrusting                                           Know we all have flaws
  • Unsafe                                                Secure yourself in Christ’s love
  • Trapped                                              Break free
  • Unforgiven                                          Forgive
  • Imprisoned                                         There is freedom in God’s plan
  • Ignored                                               Speak up
  • Unheard                                              Be bold
  • Like a failure                                       We all fail, but get up and move on
  • Confused                                            Seek God’s peace
  • Guilty                                                  Forgive yourself and others
  • Overly responsible                             Only do your best
  • Overwhelmed                                    Bring it to the cross!
  • Unloved and Unlovable                 Love yourself and others- it will bounce back!
  • Uncared for                                      Be resilient
  • Punished                                          Bring it to Christ in prayer and Know this will pass
  • Hated                                            Love our enemies. Love covers a multitude of sins

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