About Tina Serrano

  I have always loved the holidays, decorating, spending time with family, reading books, working with children and of course I enjoy eating chocolates. We all know books and chocolate go together! As a teacher, I have been able to learn and explore the world of books.  It has been many years, and I can see now that the years I’ve lived and the people in my life have given me the inspiration to write. In our growing, we learn what is important in this life. Our loved ones- family, friends, those who God puts in our paths. My journey through life has brought me through different challenges. Some of those challenges are what have inspired my desire to step out into a chapter of my life that has brought me to a place of great satisfaction and purpose.

My work with children, my own five children and  grandchildren are my inspiration.Teaching children about God’s great world has created a desire in my heart to continue to learn more each day.The world around us is full of so many interesting things. Enjoying life and looking at it with a childlike view allows us to grow and learn. Using our imagination allows us to be inspired by the amazing lessons in nature. I do a great deal of my writing outdoors as I enjoy nature. Teaching my students all about the amazing world we live in is so much fun for me. I include “all about animals” in my weekly science lessons. My books and stories always include a message about our world and the diverse cultures represented in it. I look forward to writing many adventure books for the kids that inspire me.

My website was created to bring the message of ‘creating memories’ to my readers. As a child, I grew up without a father in my life and for many years, I didn’t understand why my father could not be there for us. After the Lord enabled me to forgive and look beyond the lost memories, I was inspired by the fact that our heavenly father is always there for us. I also realized that no life is in vain. When I was a teenager, my father sent me an amazing poem that he wrote just for me. I knew then, that despite his issues and problems in life-he loved me and nothing could change that.

I had an amazing mother who was always kind and compassionate. She taught me to use my gifts and abilities to bless others in life. I live my life with an attitude of giving. Whatever the Lord leads me to do; I am willing to give it my all.

 God’s word tells us that he will work all things together for the good. My writing and storytelling are methods of spreading messages of hope. There are children in many areas who are struggling with knowing who they are and where they are going in life. These children need to know they can have dreams and goals-no matter who they are or where they come from.

Creating memories is a priority in my life. Sometimes things don’t go the way we plan in life and we must give it over to the Lord. I believe in the power of prayer and trust God to change things and touch people’s hearts in His timing. Even when we are not able to be with those we love; for one reason or another, somehow there is a thread that can not be broken. Although I didn’t get to build a relationship with my father growing up, I know through his writings – a spark of creativity was put in my heart.

Sacrifice is the ultimate gift. “Christ has shown us that through His death and resurrection.”

I hope you are creating memories for your family!

I grew up in New Jersey and moved to Pennsylvania later in life. I’ve lived in the city, country and suburban areas. I’ve met many people from different walks of life and different cultures. 



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3 thoughts on “About Tina Serrano

  1. Hi Tina, how blessed are those Children you teach , to hear God’s Truth can not be calculated in worldly values.

    My own life story ( see link below ) although not completed yet, is one where you can see clearly the forces for good and evil but God had the Victory and as I write this I’m reminded again that He always will.

    Blog Post – http://freedomborn.wordpress.com/2011/09/27/the-early-years-a-little-lost-girl/

    Thank you Tina for sharing from your heart, it blessed me greatly to see how strong your faith is.

    Christian Love Anne.

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