Dustin: U-Turn To God

Dustin: U-Turn To God

Another faith farm miracle!

Faith Farm Testimonies

Prior to coming to Faith Farm, I was at the lowest part of my life. I was incomplete. I was no longer in touch with reality, and I had lost the will to live an honest and clean life. I had burnt the bridges of the ones that I love; the ones that were the most important to me, over and over again. I was so wrapped up in my addiction I didn’t care about anything or anyone else; only my self-gratification.

The sickest thing is that I thought that everything was going to get better. But as we all know, it always gets worse. This is the truest definition of insanity if there ever was one.

I was so focused on myself that I neglected that fact that my 7-year-old son was watching his dad completely self-destruct. It’s a sad thing. As a child, I watched my father do…

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