Renewing our devotion to God….

Renewing our devotion to serving God starts with listening as He speaks to us
through His Word.
As we start our day, let’s stop and listen to what God has to say to us
individually. We are his children.
My daughter told me as she raises four girls, busy girls! She has created a system where they all write little posty notes when they come home from school and put them on the refrigerater door for her to read as she is making dinner after a hard days work.
She will take each one and go over them with each girl so they all get the individual attention they need. So they can  sit down as a family and enjoy each others company without everyone blurting out their daily dramas!  Taking time to listen to each one individually is important to keeping peace in your home.
So, before we start  our day, let’s post our little notes to the Lord and go over our concerns . Our God is a God of peace and not of chaos. He always listens to His children and we will learn to listen too!


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