Upcoming picture book brings memories to life!

Grandma’s Closet

Magical things happened when I opened Grandma’s closet…

The door itself told a tale of how an enchanted princess lived inside the magical world in Grandma’s closet…

Grandma’s closet door wore a crystal doorknob that sparkled…

The door knob was so pretty….

Beautiful antique lace hung over the door and a sparkling ring of keys all awaited those who opened Grandma’s closet….

Anyone who touched them became the new owner of Grandma’s closet and all that was in it…..

Once inside, you became a princess. A princess that was more beautiful than any other….

Dressed in a gown of silk and satins, I became a princess…..

In Grandma’s closet there was a pair of silver slippers with heels that made me so much bigger…

A crown of jewels sat on top of a treasure chest… The crown fit perfectly on my head…It was once worn by the most beautiful of princesses…

In Grandmas closet there was a mirror hanging from the top of the wall all the way down to the floor….

In this mirror, I saw the princess and all of her beauty,

I could not believe it was actually me….

In this mirror I see all of my visions and dreams….

My dreams of an enchanted life came true inside Grandma’s closet…

Inside Grandma’s closet you became all that you wanted to be…

All of this came to be- just because

Grandma opened her closet for me…









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