Use creative ways to apply diversity and bring positive changes in our society.

      In order to educate our children and avoid a generation full of bigotry and prejudices, even if one does not agree with certain lifestyles, we must teach our children to embrace the concept of diversity in our culture. There is a formable challenge in the subject of acceptance because of the diverse American culture. Religions, ethnic backgrounds, and traditional values will cause some problems with acceptance of others, and poses a challenge for those attempting to bring peace and harmony to a nation with a history of slavery, religious convictions and old habits. Using creative ways to apply diversity will bring positive changes in our society. Teaching children to acknowledge the diversity of our nation even if they don’t agree with others beliefs will bring an attitude of appreciation and acceptance. Viewing our differences as an opportunity to grow and learn about others will enable our nation to become a global nation. The future generations will benefit from this century’s positive adjustment through the changes and multi-cultural heritage. We can agree to disagree is a motto that America must grasp if we are to live in harmony.As adults, we have the privilege and responsibility to educate children on the subjects of our society. We must teach them to embrace a multi-cultural nation with the attitude of enhancing our nation’s growth and success. In a society that has seen much heartache with children and teen suicide, the issue of building positive self-image in children is an issue that can become a matter of life and death. The first years of a child’s life and development are years that must be handled with much care and attention. It is also important to promote a strong, positive self-image from the first years of a child’s life. The process of building and maintaining a healthy self-identity is a life-long process that includes learning to get along with people different from us. While it is fine to be proud of your own cultural identity or heritage, it is equally as important to understand that yours is not superior to someone else’s.

    As professionals face the challenges of today’s society, the importance of applying social justice for all citizens is a part of reforming a nation which requires a long process of healing through racism, bigotry and oppression. Social awareness is the core of applying the resources, knowledge, and social responsibility to all people in our culture. The negative impact that social injustice leaves on our nation can be reversed by professional individuals, educators, parents and advocates who acknowledge that oppression does still exists. The way to eliminate oppression is to address it with knowledge and awareness.


One thought on “Use creative ways to apply diversity and bring positive changes in our society.

  1. Hi Anne,
    In my writing, I was implying that we must not argue and fight about our differences as a culture.My belief is that through our conversation and example, we can show the world God’s way.It is the Holy Spirit who draws people unto the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.Our children are growing up in a very diverse nation where they must get along with others despite their culture or religious beliefs. If we stand strong on our own convictions as Christians, we can stand up for our beliefs and at the same time let our light shine by living as Christ did-loving our neighbor.
    In Christ,

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