Fantasy book in progress….

English: Christmas Tree Farm
English: Christmas Tree Farm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Fantasy book in progress….


Christian Fiction

Dramatic journey through the heartfelt whispers of fantasies and dreams untold…..

Psalms 37:4
Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart…
What are your heart’s desires?
What are your fantasies?
Do your dreams carry you into the world of turmoil or into the realm of blessings?

       Sara felt a nudging on her heart as she remembered meeting the love of her life at the tree farm. She looked around at the stark white walls of her townhome and yearned for color and comfort of her childhood home. She though of how her mother would create Christmas ornaments all year long in order to prepare for a fantastic Christmas season. She remembered the aroma of home cooked meals, baked cookies and fruit cakes that her mother made for many visitors during the holiday traffic at the farm’s bakery store. She thought of the first time she met her husband there at the farm. He was with his sister and her children as they searched for the best Christmas tree.


He left his business card at the counter with a handwritten message saying how she could be his Christmas dream come true if she called him. It had been 15 years since that day, and many forgotten moments had been stolen as their life became too busy for romance.


 The book of dreams and fantasies untold……


The night sky  darkened quickly and the shining stars start to light up the heavens. Sitting on her small porch up high in her tiny tree house, Evangeline sadly looks up to the heavens and questions her existence here on earth. She whispers to her Lord above-‘Why am I here? What is my cause? When can I see the brilliance of this world down below?” Her questions remained unanswered as she cried herself to sleep that night.Watchful hears a voice from heaven saying ‘It is time-you must leave her now.”

As the wind blows the tiny window open, Watchful joins the wind as it carries her away into the night skies. Evaporating into the heavens once again, Watchful no longer was needed for a story was about to be told!




The tree of forbidden dreams unmasked in the forest of dreams and fantasies untold….





Watchful eyes are ever watching ….





Whispers of spiritual awakenings softly guide….






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