How hard is it for us to guard our words?
Reading and living God’s Holy Word is the way to allowing only that which is edifying come out of our mouths….


“Set a guard, O Lord, over my mouth; keep watch over the door of my lips!”  Psalm 141:3

A guard tower at Eastern State Penitentiary.A state penitentiary lights the night sky along the horizon of my little valley.  I have several friends who work as correctional officers in this penitentiary.  Their days begin and end with one primary purpose – to keep the bad guys in.  As they have explained, the activities within a prison are governed by routine.  Policies and procedures dictate almost every interaction of the residents.  Everyone follows a rigid schedule from the moment the inmates rise until they fall back to sleep.

The work of correctional officers is complicated by the fact that there are many people who daily pass in and out of a penitentiary.  There are the correctional officers that come and go at shift changes but there also administration, medical, and maintenance staff that work at the facility.  In addition…

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