Move on to the next chapter…

keys (Photo credit: gnuru)

Have you ever felt like no matter what you say, things just don’t go the way you want them to? Well, I have lived through what I call many chapters of surprise endings or should I say surprise beginnings? There’s the time that I wanted to move from the city but our finances weren’t cooperating with my decision to move! So I began to pray specifically for the opportunity to move our family to the suburban area where they could run around and play, go fishing, ride their bikes and smell the fresh air.

After two weeks of praying my husband received an offer to accept a promotion at work. This promotion just so happened to offer a rent free three bedroom apartment and all utilities paid! So we packed up and moved. I stood in the large living-room and thanked my Lord for his goodness to my family. This is just one example of many times  God has moved in our lives…

Is there something going on in your life that causing you discouragement, confusion and despair? My suggestion to you is to turn it over to God. But don’t just sit there – get moving in the right direction.Our lives are like chapter books that bring an ending to each chapter-but with each new chapter comes new beginnings. All things become new in Christ Jesus. Open that new chapter of your life and see what great opportunities there are for you to experience.

Seek and you shall find.. Knock and it will be opened unto you! Meet new people, make new friends, find that new job, visit that church, Take the key to happiness in your hand and open the doors that God puts in front of you.


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