Scavenger boys are returning to the pages…



As I write, I try to include lessons for young people’s lives. Some are simple and some are profound….


Tidbits of “The Scavenger Boys”

“It belonged to our  informant before he disappeared” Sergeant said as he rummaged through the drawers as if he knew what he was searching for.

“What do you mean- disappeared?”

“Let’s just say he had to take on a new identity and disappear before he really disappeared. If you know what I mean.”

“Was it the undercover narcs?”

“No, it had something to do with trafficking, but not drugs. It was an illegal animal trafficking thing going on in the city. There was a big payoff that took place and the informant was the main witness. It put our informant in a dangerous situation and he had to disappear after the trial.”

“Is that why we are down here? Are you searching for an answer as to where this guy might be?” asked the officer.

“Yeah, I had some boys in here this morning asking questions about a missing uncle of a friend of theirs. It was two of the scavenger boys.”

“Oh, yeah, I remember them. Last year they discovered that old legendary dog truck and a treasure in it.

What are they up to now?”

“I need to make sure they don’t crack this case or there will be a lot of trouble in the house!” The Sergeant continued to search in the desk, but became frustrated and pushed it back up against the wall. ”Just make sure you spread the word-

I don’t want any kids snooping around in the station!


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