Fantasy within the city limits….

My name is Teresa and I live here in the city. Every Saturday, mommy would take me to the supermarket-“The Bodega” and I couldn’t wait to go. After we went into the store I would be allowed to sit on my favorite character Tiger and go around in circles on the merry go round! Only after just a few minutes, the ‘merry –go- round’ would stop and we would have to put in three more quarters. Many times, Mommy wouldn’t have three more quarters to put in the ride. I think it is just unfair to ask for that many quarters for a short ride. But who cares about the opinion of a little Hispanic girl here in the hot humid city? I’ll just sit here and wait for the taxi cab to arrive and take us home with our groceries. Someday, mommy will be able to afford a car for us. Until then, my adventure to the store on Saturday was all I could look forward to. The taxi cab driver always gave me a lollipop too. Today is my special day in the city. Someday, I’ll grow up and be a fantasy story writer. I’ll write all about my fantasies in the city. I know I will be famous someday. My mommy told me-I can be whatever I want to be! Maybe someday I’ll be in the movies too. I’ll ride on a real tiger. I’ll go into the big jungle with real jungle animals. I might even be able to visit Disney World, and see the real animal characters up close!

I guess I can use my imagination to take me on all the rides I would like to go on. I can see myself spinning in a teacup high on the twisting teacup ride. I almost threw up in my Mommy’s new purse after spinning so fast my afternoon lunch just about flew across the parking lot! It almost landed in a stranger’s face. That would not have been good. I have seen people get really angry over fewer things than that! I remember when Pedro got hit in the nose for splashing water on some kid. It was a hot day too. You would think he liked getting cooled off with water! Go figure….

Maybe if I sit here long enough then the strange green animal will come to life! I’ll just sit here and wait. No-one wants to pay three quarters for a short ride on these animals. I don’t even know why they have this here. It’s like a torment for us kids. Too much money and so much fun! I have my thinking face on and hopefully no-one will bother me as I wait. When is this taxi getting here?

After about ten minutes, a woman came and sat next to me. She just smiled and looked ahead onto the street. She must have been waiting for the taxi cab too. A little boy came over and sat on her lap. He just stared at me for about five minutes; then whispered something in his mothers’ ear. She shook her head no and told him to go play under the stop sign. He ran over and sat in the little patch of grass under the stop sign.

Man, that taxi cab sure is taking a long time to get here. I wonder what is taking so long. Maybe it got lifted up into a huge trap. That trap was set out there on the street for the bad guys. Only now it is trapping my taxi cab driver! Oh no. I must get home and help mommy put our groceries away. I think she bought ice pops for me. They’ll melt soon, if we don’t get home. Well-if they do melt, they are in plastic wrap. I’ll just make them into flat ice-pops. They still can freeze in the freezer. All that thinking of ice-pops made me thirsty.

“I’m getting a little thirsty mommy. Can I have a drink?” Mommy told me the drinks were too hot to drink, but the ice-pops weren’t! So my mommy and I drank the whole box of ice-pop juice! That was exciting. I love my mommy. She does such cool things with me.

Once when I was sitting on the tiger, she jumped on and sat on Winnie the Pooh with me! The people around us thought she was crazy, but she didn’t care. That’s just how my mommy is.

Boy, it sure is getting hotter out here. Mommy took out her cell phone and called the taxi guy back. I heard her asking what was taking the cab so long to get here.

When she put her phone away, she looked at me and said “It’s going to be a few more minutes, so we have to be patient. Ok?” Then she took out a white envelope from her purse. On it said “laundry money” and she took a handful of quarters out, put three in the merry-go-round. I jumped onto the merry-go-round real fast and sat on old tiger again. Before I knew it Mommy jumped on too. She rode on the Winnie-the Pooh because that was her favorite character when she was growing up. Then two more grown ups joined us and then two little boys jumped on and we all were on our fantasy ride. Everyone took turns putting in three quarters, and before I knew it. Time had taken us to the greatest fantasy I’ve ever been in. Fun in the city, is all I ever think about now! A bunch of strangers became our friends that day. The laughter, silly looks, smiles and stares made the ride even more fun. As I sat there on tiger, I asked myself again- who cared about this little Hispanic girl in the city. I knew many people cared and this ride today proved it! Next Saturday-I hope the taxi guy takes his time, because it’s my time now!



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