What’s your motivating force in life?

Argosy University
Argosy University (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Back to School…

The Daily Prompt got me thinking….

If I were to go back to school, what would I do? As of now, I’m earning my Bachelors Degree in Psychology through Argosy University. I graduate in November 0f 2014.

I asked myself-Why am I earning a degree in psychology instead of going on for a BA in education, since I already have an associates degree in elementary education?Then I began to question myself as to the reasons why I went back to school. In 1982, I earned a certificate in Taxation because I was expecting my third child that year. I wanted to work from my home doing taxes, so that’s what I did.

In 2007, after my fifth child entered middle school, I decided to take a 2 year course in freelance writing because I wanted to start writing my stories, so that’s what I did. I wrote my first book as a tribute to my brothers, who are so special to me and my Mom who struggled by herself to raise five of us. The book was written for those kids who are hesitant to read. It is short, full of twists and turns and tells an adventure that reminds me of when we were kids.

In 2010, I went back to school to earn an Associates Degree in Elementary Education, because I love kids. In 2012, I decide to transfer over to Argosy, so I could earn a degree that would enable me to fully understand why people behave the way the do. My burden for children who have parents who are bound by addiction was my motivating force.

So, as I think about going back to school, I must ask myself-What is my motivating force now? Each one of us should have a motivating force guiding us. Life is like a chapter book. Each chapter has pages full of challenges. As I read a good book, I can’t put it down, till I’m finished. That’s how I want my life to be.

I spent the day at Peace Valley Park yesterday with two of my granddaughters. As we enjoyed nature together, I thought about taking some photography classes, so I could capture the precious moments that we shared together and put them into a book! So now, my motivating force is capturing moments and cherishing them. When I think about it – my love and concern for kids has always been my motivating force.


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