Thinking about being like my Daddy…

Thinking about being like my Daddy...

As I look at this picture, I think of how we all want to be like somebody-someday! As a child holds his father’s hat and puts on his father’s shoes, he’s thinking how he wants to be like his daddy. When we wake up and face our day, we should be thinking about how we can mirror the image of our heavenly father.
Staying emotionally in tune with those closest to us is important as we model Gods’ grace and love. I want to emphasize the importance of what our children see in us. What do they want to become someday? What motivates their emotional growth? A child’s emotional needs are just as important as their physical and spiritual needs. Building a strong bond when they are young will enable you to handle those challenging teen years ahead. But it’s never too late to connect with your child. Letting them know that your love for them is unconditional and being the responsible parent they need is essential to meeting their emotional needs. Our children will mimic us and how we live our lives. How are we handling life’s challenges and how are we managing our emotions?
This picture tells a story that will never lose its value.
Let’s put a desire in our children’s and grandchildren’s hearts to want to be like us!
Love God and live according to His word.
Change a generation of children.
Change the world, one child at a time!


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