Rite of passage

Your 911 call has been answered…
A spiritual emergency triggers action. A spiritual emergency brings transformation and renewal.
 You have the right to passage. Step over into the new you!
Rites of passage in traditional societies are culturally sanctioned “spiritual emergencies”  Spiritual emergencies can be triggered by physical factors (disease, accident, lack of sleep or food, the birth experience in women).
·       They may be started by psychosocial stress or loss such as a death or divorce.
·       They can be the result of “hitting bottom” due to alcohol or drug addiction.
 In essence, these are all “peak” and “nadir” type trans-personal and transformational experiences.
 Spiritual emergencies follow a trajectory of death and rebirth, the paradigmatic scenario of a “rite of passage.” As Grof and Grof (1990) write, “ego death”, that is, being reduced to nothing but one’s “essential core,” is the precondition for a “spiritual emergence.” ( Hitting rock bottom brings death to the old inner being and allows change to burst through into a transformation.)
The nearness to death experience is a prerequisite part of the tranformational experience, and is recognized in nearly all the great mystical traditions of humankind including alchemy, shamanism, and the mystery religions (Metzner 1986).
The transitional and sacred symbols of the ritual process help negotiate the major psychological transformations–the deaths and rebirths–life demands. If handled with understanding, these become unique moments of growth and re-structuring of consciousness (a Grof 1985; Grof and Grof 1980).
 Celebrating a rebirth will bring closure to the spiritual emergency.
Examples of how a person can have a rebirth celebration are:
·       Put on the full armor of God
·       Reunite with family that has been pushed aside due to poor choices.
·       Set new goals
·       Create a plan of action that includes putting God first.
·       Change their manner of speech.
·        Use a different nickname. Choose one with spiritual meaning.
·       Get a tattoo that symbols your change.
·       Have a grateful heart
·       Make a point to bless someone everyday-in some way.
 (Tina Serrano, 2013)

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