Chris Tomlin-I will Follow


As I grow older, I am finding myself wondering where God will take me in the last chapters of my life. I will finish earning my BA in Psychology in October 2014, and I am praying as to where God wants me to go when I graduate. Our youngest son graduates next June and will be going off to college.It will be my time to move on and seek God’s will in my future.I wonder- where will he take us as we seek His will.  My husband has been so supportive with my choices and decisions as I continued my education. My kids are almost all grown, but I have 9 grandchildren and probably will have more in the future. So I am praying because as a woman of God, I know how important my family is and I also know that we live in a world that needs to be told –Jesus is the answer….Where-ever he goes, I will follow is a song that touches my soul. A song that speaks my heart and encourages me as I seek His will.  I want to be part of a church that has the alter open for all people and there is a powerful move of the Holy Spirit each time you enter the church doors! I want to be used of God and am willing to follow as He leads me on in the next chapter of my life. I am as the woman who knocked, knocked and knocked until the door opened. I am persistent in my walk with the Lord and know God has a plan for me.

Lead Me Lord….

I will Follow!




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