Catherine Elizabeth Rodweller


A tribute to my Mom.

When I hear a child say”Mommy loves me” I know that Mom must show unconditional love to their child.

I always knew my mother loved me. She made me feel special. She was more than my mother- she was my mother, friend and sister in the Lord. We shared a bond that will never be broken.

A mother’s love is a reminder as to why we love Christ. He loved us, so we love him!

My Mom

 “My Mom’s walk with God continues…

Although she struggled with illness, she continued to walk with Jesus

She left us with the memory of her kindness, bravery, and love…

She left us with the memory of a transformed life…

She left us knowing her faith was strong…

All those that knew my Mom, knew she was so special…

She finished well!

She’s now on a new journey in heaven with her Lord and savior whom she loved!

So prepare to meet our savior-Jesus and continue on with this great lady..

My Mom-Oh how I loved her so!

In loving memory of my Mom…

I miss her so…

Although, it’s been 18 years, it seems like yesterday…



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