A Mom being lead by a GPS……

Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission
Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


My daughter’s exciting day:


I left work to go to check out files at a center. Accidentally took the first exit off 283 instead of 2nd. No problem… Got GPS right???? Wrong! It told me to turn on industrial road…. Ok… Road sign says that… Now there are signs that say private road and restricted access…. Really????  All of a sudden, I drive through a small opening in a fence into a live construction site!!!! Bulldozers, dump trucks, dust, jack hammers, u name it! All the while my GPS is telling me to turn left onto an imaginary road. They were building a travel plaza and there I am in my minivan!!!!!! Can’t go back through the gate cuz a bulldozer is blocking it now… Oooo I see a road! Guess what? Not a road! It’s an on ramp to get onto 76- the PA turnpike! So here I am about 5 minutes from where I needed to be but the next place to get off the highway is about 25 minutes the opposite way! Had to get off in Lebanon. It gets better! 🙂 I have to go through a toll booth to get off…. But I somehow magically entered through a no admittance construction area so of course I have no ticket for the toll person…. Which leaves me to pay a toll of $23.30 and get an odd look like I’m lying about where I got on the highway. Sigh…. 😦 so I said forget it and drove back towards work. Oh yeah… Forgot to mention that whole stretch of 76 was one lane at 40 mph because of construction…. Fun! Anyways…. Worked til 4:45, drove to the grandparents  to get my daughter, drove home,…. Well almost… Traffic stopped at the light by the gun shop– accident…. So I had to take the long way around through the country… Made it home. Ordered pizza cuz I had no time to cook before the concert….pizza wasn’t ready when I got there… Rushed home…. Gave 3 year old a slice in the car… Get around the corner, a deer runs in front of the car just ahead of us. I slam on my brakes cuz I know there’s always more than 1…. Sure enough! 2 deer come running right in front of the van. Really?! Lol we made it to the concert 10 min b4 start time… I made my own parking spot. Short and sweet and daughter showed off her little sister afterwards to all her friends.


My adventure for today….. Haha!


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