Preparing for the warmer weather with kids

Preparing ourselves for a great-safe spring and summer includes being aware of the safety factors with children. As parents, educators, childcare providers- children’s safety should always be our priority.

Bucks County offers educational programs to teach parents and educators. From lead poisoning prevention to playground safety, Bucks County Health Department offers what everyone needs in order to provide the children with the safe environment at home and outdoors. The information needed for updates on immunization requirements are also provided.

As parents our number one priority should be our children’s safety. From the time they are born, they need our guidance. As infants, they depend on their parents to do basically everything for them. As the children grow, their basic needs change, but we as parents still remain responsible for their safety and well being. As the toddlers running around the house, safety is a huge issue because they get into everything from electrical cords to knick knacks. Having a safe environment is something every parent should have for their child. As the child grows, other people become involved in their development and growth. As parents, educators, or childcare providers, we need to be aware of how children’s safety issues change. They include issues from preventing childhood diseases, nutrition, and poison prevention and play ground safety. The list goes on. Our responsibility is to keep our children safe, healthy and educated.

During the summer months, sun becomes both a friend and a foe. Children are exposed to a large amount of sun and heat. Sun safety includes keeping them hydrated and applying sunscreen daily. Hand washing is so… important after those little ones have been playing outdoors. Teaching them to wash their hands properly will prevent the spreading of germs and will keep them healthy and happy.

Healthy eating habits begin early in life. Teaching our children to eat healthy foods is important. During the summer months, some children become finicky eaters…They don’t like too much food after running around and exercising outdoors in the heat. Watermelon and other melons are always a great treat for them after playing outdoors. Providing them with a good choice of fruits and vegetables will keep them on target with their nutrition during the busy summer months.

Providing our children with a fun filled summer includes being aware of safety hazards.



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