Encouragement- What exactly is encouragement?

Encouragement breaks all barriers of discouragement and hopelessness.

Encouragement brings life into any situation.

Encouragement will give others courage to move on.

Words of encouragement spoken into a person’s life will bring positive change.

Words of encouragement are a breath of fresh air to those who hear.

Our teens need encouragement everyday. Living in a world of so many temptations is not easy for them. Remember to encourage your child each day to be all that they can be. Encourage them even as they make some mistakes along the way. Don’t we learn by our mistakes? Encourage them even as we face our fears as they gradually break away. Our children will love and respect us even more if we give them the encouragement they need to grow up and be all that God called them to be.

I always want my children to be a blessing to others. That doesn’t always happen, but I will always encourage them to be a blessing. As I think of the days I needed encouragement, I remember those in my life who cared and spoke positive words into my heart. As parents, we need to use encouraging words to touch our children’s hearts in a positive way. Many parents of teens have a hard time speaking words of encouragement to their teens for different reasons. Sometimes we allow fear to over rule our thoughts and actions. Fear is a thief and will steal your joy. Over the years, although I have spent many hours praying as my children grew up, I still had many fears. The enemy tried to steal my joy and at times, I allowed him. But as I matured in the Lord, I learned that my battles are not my own. God is in control and Christ stands before me. I have seen God’s hand move many mountains for me. Life always brings troubles, but God can work all things together for His good. Learning to trust in the Lord comes with trials. It is the end result that brings glory to God.

Allowing our children to grow up is difficult for many parents, letting go and allowing them to make wise choices is not easy. That is why it is important to build a relationship with your child, so as they are breaking away  as teens, we can still have the reassurance that they will come to us with their questions and we can continue to give them encouragement. Love your child unconditionally as Christ loves us with all of our faults and weaknesses. Build them up with positive words and help them grow into loving individuals. Over the years,I’ve heard many parents say cruel words to their children, and it saddens my heart to think of the damage they are doing. Don’t allow your fears to control your life. If you are worried about your child’s choices, then step back and evaluate what is going on. Are they just trying to be their own person and want to make some choices in life? Are they just being a teenager who wants to express their personality? If they are changing and you are worried, then now is the time to open up a line of communication with them with love and compassion. Tell your child that you are concerned about them without loosing your temper or acting foolishly. If they don’t respond in the way you want them too, then just continue to act with love and concern. Speaking respectfully and assertively will enable you to stay in control. If you loose your temper, you loose that battle. We are not their friends; we are much, much more- we are called by God to raise up our children in the ways of the Lord. The war is won by God. Our job is to get through the battles with victory and although we may not see the results when we want to.Our efforts as the wise loving parent will bear much fruit!


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