Too busy for what we love to do…..

Consumed with work, studies, and everyday activities when we much rather be spending time with our family and friends causes us to live life in the fast lane. I have found myself spending too much time working and studying. I would rather be reading, writing and spending time with my family. As a writer, our inspiration must come from our everyday activities. Weather we are listening to a child’s conversation or spending time reading, under a tree listening to the sounds of children at play and the awesome sounds of nature, or traveling ; we must continue to get inspiration in order to write inspiring words. Disciplining ourselves to write is important and should be part of our daily schedule, but we must always be open and available to receive inspiration.

Too busy? – Then we must change some things in our lives. I have been too busy to write, even though I finished a difficult class on Addictions and Addictive Behaviors, I should of spent time writing my thoughts down and shared them with my followers. 

Well, I’m back on the inspirational road and will be sharing my thoughts once again. 





2 thoughts on “Too busy for what we love to do…..

  1. Tina, I too have gotten too scattered. I’ve been trying to get a new series of blogs started for weeks now, but get distracted. Sometimes it’s best just to be quiet and wait on the Lord.

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