Take control

Trouble with teens has become one the recent top news articles. There have been cyber-bullying, drug abuse, racial attacks, cell phone videotaping of attacks and the lists goes on and on. What is happening to our teens? There is a sense of anything goes with many teens that apparently don’t care if they hurt or even kill another teen. It may sound so simple to just say, let’s get our children busy and involved in activities so they stay out of trouble, but the responsibility is ours as parents. We must raise our children to live a moral life. If our children go astray- pray, teach, tell, love, discipline, seek professional help and godly advice, do whatever it takes to get them back on track!

The problem has become so complex that it does not make sense when we think of what is going on within the teen world. Sending our children to school should give us a sense of security. In some school districts, it does not. Keeping our children safe must be a priority.

There are too many children going home to empty houses and are being allowed to watch television without supervision. Parents should be monitoring what their children are watching, listening to and who their friends are. Protecting their innocent minds from sinful and hateful influences is the parent’s responsibility. There are blocks that can be put on your television, use them and take every opportunity to monitor your child’s extra curriculum activities. Within many families, both parents have to work outside of the home in order to make ends meet. Parents, check out every available opportunity to find good activities for your child after school and during the summer.

Protect your child from peer pressure and bad influences.

Be the main influence in their lives.

Take control and schedule their daily activities.


One thought on “Take control

  1. I laugh at my son/wife sometimes…meeting themselves coming and going to basketball games…school functions…football games…skating parties…kids spending the night…but, I am so proud of them for knowing where their kids are… and being with them so much…

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