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Tides of Life and Joy

A Year In Reflection…
Each year is washed away by the tides of life but their imprint remains in our heart, let’s focus on all that is of God and is good, being  thankful  for the Pearls that come from  this worlds affliction, trials, hardship and trouble, not rejoicing in the things that cause us to suffer but in  knowing God strengthens as we go through them and works everything out for good and His Pearls that remain give us His inner Joy Eternally. 
God really does make a Differance!

SD Thank you to all our Blogging friends for your encouragement and support this year as shown on WordPress yearly uplifting report, we value you greatly and give thanks for our blogging Unity in The Lord.


This year we did not have the flood waters like last year although we did have Storms both personal and from the Sky but once again God has made a difference…

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