Please don’t cry…

Dear  mom and dad
Please don’t cry
We are in heaven now
My teachers my friends grandma grandpa and I
Today the angels are teaching us how to fly
There’s puppies Toys coloring books and never ending candy
Jesus even gave me the sweetest little puppy
We run around and play tag all day
There are no boo boos here
I fell It didn’t hurt me so I continued to play
Mommy and daddy please don’t be sad
Jesus is even here with his dad
We even have fun climbing on the heavenly gates
Grandma and Grandpa are up here
They told me that God is giving me my halo today
Well I have to go now
Please do not cry
we will be together again you and I
In the meantime don’t be sad
I’m with Grandma and Grandpa,my teachers,friends ,even Jesus and his dad.

By Jessica Serrano

3 thoughts on “Please don’t cry…

    1. I should have said in the beginning so you do not get confused. I had reblogged the post from a beautiful writer, but the link that I gave you is the one that I wrote myself. Thank you for the ping back

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