America’s children

America (Photo credit: acb)


America knows that these shootings have gotten worse. Yet we continue to have more security in banks than we do in schools. Is our money more valuable than our children? Wake up America!

Why should there be a price on keeping our children (our most precious asset) safe? American is feeling the grief of those in the Sandy Hook shooting. As a teacher, I am experiencing the shock of this terrible tragedy ten times over. As a parent and grandmother, my heart aches for those who have lost their precious children. As a mother, I am praying for all and I know those who gave their lives to try to protect the children will be rewarded in heaven. Those who are related to the shooter I pray for God‘s peace and healing also.

As the days go by, I pray that there will an awakening in the hearts and minds of those in the government. American must wake up and put our children first. We put” In God we trust” on our money, but what are we doing with our children? Taking prayer out of schools, and allowing these shootings to continue.

The first step of change must be keeping our kids safe. We do it in our banks, so why aren’t we protecting our children? Schools must have every possible safety mechanism.Doors with alarms, bullet proof entries, metal detectors, alarm switch to notify security-armed security. Whatever is available to protect America‘s money must be available  in our schools to keep our children safe.

The second step -The mental health issues being addressed more aggressively. Providing those with mental health issues with more care and educating parents.

The third step -The NRA  can regulate the responsibility of  gun ownership. Those who have guns must have them put away in a safe, separate from ammunition. They should never be accessible to anyone who is not the gun owner, and that person must have complete gun safety training and evaluations stating there are not  any mental health issues.


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