How we perceive ourselves and others is at times based on what we see, hear, feel and experience. Our perception is influenced by physical conditions and appearances, psychological inclinations, emotions, and cultural beliefs.

As a mother of five, I realized many years ago –I could not react to circumstances or difficult situations based on how I felt at the moment. Reacting to our emotions instead of using wisdom and discernment can bring us much trouble! When you are tired, hungry, angry, afraid, when the temperature is very high, our home is noisy, your response to others might not be the same as it is when such factors are not present.

How many times do we judge another person or question our child’s choice of friends because we perceive them as something they really aren’t  Out of fear and at times stereotyping others, we become a parent with unfounded notions in our head that our child is headed for disaster. All because we are just not being aware of what really is going on in our child’s life. Spending time with our child and their friends will help end those negative perceptions that we have due to fear. Having a positive relationship with our kids is important to their well-being and future.

To be effective in our relationships, these errors in perception need to be minimized. An important step toward minimizing errors is the practice of awareness. Awareness is more than attention. It is being aware of being aware. Too many teens are turning to their peers for answers to their problems because they feel they can not turn to their parents for help. As parents, our kids need to know they can come to us with any problem. Being aware of what is going on in our children’s lives must be a priority.

Without the practice of awareness, without the knowledge that these things and more are involved in perception, interactions with our children and other people will be so automatic and mechanical that the ability to have meaningful and mutually beneficial interpersonal interaction will certainly be minimized.


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