Mt. Joy playground to be rebuilt

Playground update

The children of Mt. Joy Pa will be getting a new playground after fire destroyed theirs last month.

It is important to rebuild after destruction. This is a subject that touches many areas of our lives. Rebuilding playgrounds… rebuilding relationships and rebuilding lives…

The trauma and heartache that came with the explosion can become a lesson in life. These  teens -Were they involved or were they victims of the explosion? Their lives along with the lives of their families will never be the same. As one still fights for his life, many are talking about rebuilding the playground and dreams of the children in Mt. Joy area. As Christians, we must pray for all involved. These teens need to experience rebuilding in their lives too. Rebuilding their physical and emotional health along with rebuilding their goals and dreams will come with a price.

Christ paid a price for our sins…

We can pray for lives to be changed and for dreams to become a reality..

We can pray for good to come out of this tragedy..

We can trust God to move in hearts and bring restoration in all areas…

Rebuilding is one of God’s specialty!


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