English: A child not paying attention in class.
English: A child not paying attention in class. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I believe there are choices we make for our children that will affect their success in life. I am positive that some children are misdiagnosed with ADHD and are being medicated when it is not necessary.I also have seen children with ADHD, who are not diagnosed properly or never even checked for ADHD. In most  schools there are educators who suggest testing for children and the children get the help they need. Being mindful of the children in our care is important to their success in school and life in general.

Medicate or not medicate? That is the question that many parents of children with ADHD are asking. There has been conflicting feelings on medicating a child or not. Managing children who have behavioral problems can be difficult. Fifty percent of children with ADHD struggle with reaching their potential academically, leaving them with low self-esteem, depression, and a sense of failure in many areas of their lives. Some Psychologists, educators, and parents believe that ADHD has such a negative effect on the children’s behavior and academic achievement, medication is a necessary treatment despite the side effects. The Center for Management of ADHD Children is available to the community and shares the concern for these children who are struggling. Children with ADHD are usually rowdy, impulsive, and cannot focus or stay still. They are usually rejected by their peers because of their negative behavior. The immature behavior causes the other children to avoid playing with the ADHD child.

Misdiagnosing ADHD has been a concern of parents, teachers, and psychologists. Depression, bipolar disorder, vision or hearing problems and dyslexia are sometimes misdiagnosed as ADHD; when, in fact the child does not have ADHD. Many of other disorders have the same symptoms; inattentiveness, impulsiveness, unruliness, and insomnia. Eliminating the possibility of misdiagnosis, tests in every area of the child’s development should be taken into consideration. Being aware of characteristics of ADHD will enable parents to handle their child accordingly. Medical literature and empirical findings show the child as they really are. Preparing them for academic and social success is the responsibility of parents, physicians and teachers.


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