Safe School Hotline/Citizen Check

More schools need this kind of program…..

Dear Parents and Students,

As communicated through the Principal’s Letter sent in August. If you are involved in or see a bullying/harassment issue, please report it immediately to a teacher, counselor or administrator. If you don’t want to report the issue face to face please use the following information:

Safe School Hotline/Citizen Check

School violence is always a concern of everyone. We have established an anonymous hotline to call in any concerns of violence that may occur in our school. If a student or parent receives information about a violent act that may occur, we are asking you to call the hotline at (215) 453-6944 ext 4018. The hotline is checked every morning. Along with our hotline and in conjunction with our RESPECT Program, students and parents will be able to go onto our high school website at click on Guidance and thenCitizen Check. If a student feels he or she is being bullied or harassed, this is the opportunity to report any concerns.


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