Forgiveness and a cow?

I came across an article I had written for last year. I wanted to post something about forgiveness. Funny how we can see deep meaning in a story about a cow!  I have always found cows to be interesting because growing up in the city, I never saw A cow until my husband took our family on a camping trip one year. After visiting the beautiful farmlands of PA, I moved to Lancaster County. I lived there for a few years, then due to job change we moved to Bucks County. I have cows down the road!  I have found that the Lord always brings me back to my life verse.

Psalms 37:4 –  Delight yourself in the Lord and I will give you the desires of your heart!

As I read this, I thought of how we are blessed to have forgiveness.

A cow was given a pardon by Pennsylvania‘s governor after it escaped from a suburban Philadelphia slaughterhouse. This cow ran for its life, and won. Officials at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary say the cow; named Kayli will be transported to the Catskills and will be grazing in the green grass soon.

According to the article by the Associated Press, “The upstate organization says the cow was being loaded into the holding pen at the butcher’s in Upper Darby Pa., last month when it broke away. During its escape, the cow ran into a car, causing minor damage. A slaughterhouse employee soon arrived and lassoes the cow. A few days after the escape, Gov. Tom Corbett‘s office “pardoned” the wayward cow, which spent the past two weeks quarantined at Pennsylvania’s Quakertown Veterinary Clinic.” ( 2011 The Associated Press)

When dealing with rebellious children or teens, doing just this sort of action can save them from destruction. Discipline with love and forgiveness is the answer.

Are we showing our children the importance of forgiveness and mercy? There are many times that parents show their children God’s mercy by their actions. Parenting today’s children is a difficult task. The world offers our children many avenues to explore as they grow up. Parenting teens is  a challenge. What should parents do when they have worked hard at teaching their children the moral issues and convictions, only to see their child fall into sin? This question hits hard at home when parents have taught their children well. Guiding our children to make the right choices is our first priority. Children are born with a will of their own.

Cover of "Discipline with Love"
Cover of Discipline with Love

Teens today face very hard choices as they are  influenced by their peers. Parenting a difficult child can be accomplished with confidence and the parent can have a good ending. Don’t panic, have faith and apply the prescription that God gives your family. As I read the article about the pardon of a cow, I thought of how much more, we can pardon those who offend us. This includes not only our children, but others in our lives also.


One thought on “Forgiveness and a cow?

  1. I saw the story of the cow on TV news. Surely if we can pardon a cow, we can do the same for our children. I have three grandchildren who excel in school. They are a credit to their family and church. Yet God can work miracles with the most difficult child.

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