I speak Life in Me/I won’t Give up

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Uploaded by quadharmony on Oct 23, 2010
At times we have the desire to give up on everything.But we have to
remember how precious Life is.we have to learn how to encourage
ourselves.We need to start speaking postivity in our life even when no
one else does.Jesus is a healer of all things even your trouble
mind.CAll on him and ask him to give you the strenght to come out of
that dark place in your life.But first you have to encourage yourself
and Speak life in your dead situation.Choose to live.Dont give up..Be


2 thoughts on “I speak Life in Me/I won’t Give up

  1. God bless you for all you do Tina! I hope you’ll join me in a walk through Proverbs on http://PromiseBook.net My other website. I would love to have you! Just select proverbs on the menu Daily Promise. If you subscribe, you’ll also get a daily promise, prayer, and devotion emailed to you! Love you in Christ sister!

    1. Thank you, I look forward to your posts. The anointed words are a blessing to me. I try to keep up with so many blogs, but I’m back to work and am too busy. 😦 I’ll be doing either some late hour or early morning reading, because the hunger for the word is sending me hunger pains! Love in Christ, Tina


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