Inspiring their imagination…

As a child, I remember how excited I became when I lost a tooth. It meant a visit from the tooth fairy. A visit from the tooth fairy somehow made the pain of loosing a tooth go away. When I think of the happy moments  of my childhood at my grandmother’s house, I think of stories, fairy tales, and cartoons. Sitting on the couch combing Mimi’s hair as we watch the Muppet show  was the best! Thumbelina has always had my heart. I loved the story and could imagine what it would be like to sleep in a tiny tea-cup. I have pretty little tea cups at my home for my granddaughters to drink their hot cocoa in.I remember my brother tieing a thread to his tooth and slamming the door shut so that his loose tooth would come out quicker, cause the tooth fairy always visited Mimi’s house with special treats. Creating memories is important for our children.

Inspiring their imagination brings fun and happiness into our lives. Their actions, stories and responses are my inspiration for writing books that will inspire others.

In this video clip, my granddaughter is telling her mom all about the visit from the tooth fairy!


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