Happy Birthday- God bless you Amaje!

Amaje Pritash Patel- One year old!

I’ve had a busy week-end with my grandchildren. Nothing brings me more joy than spending time with them. When I show up -the little ones scream for joy… They know how much I love them. I believe that’s the way we should be when we are with those who are so close to our hearts.

God has blessed us with children and then blessed us many  times over with grandchildren!

As I start teaching my kinder-enrichment classes on Tuesday, I look forward to adding many more names on my prayer list. I look forward to a great year.

With the blessings come the concerns. I know that each child represents a life that’s soon to unfold. Their lives are like chapter books, and with each chapter comes a perfect story!

I remember about ten years ago, I was at the altar in Calvary Temple in Wayne NJ. A friend stood over me and prayed for me. Afterwards, she said I only have my son to pray for, you have five children to pray for. She united with me and brought my children to God in prayer.

As Christians we can lift each other up in prayer. Even if life is going by calmly, we must remember to pray daily for our family and friends. My prayer list is two pages long and continues to grow. Create your list and tuck in away in your purse, wallet or in your Bible. God knows what is on your list. He will answer as you pray throughout your busy days.

Let’s pray for the children everywhere!


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