Be aware of your children’s needs.

School has started in some areas, and next Tuesday will be the start for many more. Many children are excited about going back to school, but there are some who are dreading it.

Educators everywhere need to take notice of what is going on in their schools. We as educators  are responsible to provide a safe environment and a place where children can learn together.

Children of ages have fears, and we must help them conquer those fears.

Talking to their parents, guidance counselor, older sibling, grandparents, or friend can help eliminate some of their fears. Children need to know that they can talk about their fears. As educators, we need to be aware of our students needs. If there is a child that is very shy, quiet or even a child who seems to be overly stimulated; we should take the time to check their behavior and give a way to discuss their fears. Children are all different. They have different learning styles, they have different temperaments, personalities and they have different ways of acting out their fears. As the school year progresses, you will see their personal uniqueness.


Let your child be aware of what to expect and tell them it is ok to be nervous. Talk to them every day about their experience at school. If you sense they are not happy, talk to the teacher, visit their school, invite one of your child’s friends over and listen to their conversations. Many times children will talk about what is going on at school. I remember my daughter talking to her friends about a teacher who was not teaching. I asked them why they said that. It turned out that the teacher was bringing alcohol in a thermos and would just give them an assignment to do while she sat and read a magazine.

Although I have had many positive experiences with teachers over the years, I also have seen some negative ones too. I experienced a frustrating year with one of my sons in a Christian school where he was struggling in math. When he struggles in something, he shuts down and unless someone helps him through it, he will not attempt to try by himself. I understand how he feels, because I struggled in math too. Our strengths are in English and History. The teacher in the school apparently was not tuned in to her students needs. She assumed he was just being lazy. After he said he could not do a problem, she cursed at him. That was an experience that I know was  a stumbling block to many. She apologized, but the damage was already done.

I withdrew my son and put him in a public school. He excelled and had the professional academic help that he needed and deserved.

Part of being a teacher is to know your student’s needs and provide a method that will help them succeed in school. No-one ever said teaching was going to be easy, Just like with parenting-you must use your knowledge, common sense, compassion and always be aware of your children’s needs.


3 thoughts on “Be aware of your children’s needs.

  1. Hey, I thought to tell you about a place..a Christian forum place especially for those called to the ministry of might want to check it out… I think you’d really love it ! Didn’t know if you knew about that. Love your posts by the way! God bless you!

  2. Tina…what a wonderful post! We need to make sure our children are being challenged academically in school…but always in an atmosphere of positivity and caring. So much damage can be done by a thoughtless teacher or parent. You know the story of the Pencil-maker…everything you do will leave a mark!

    I just did a post with the video clip of my appearance on 9News…talking about bullying and how parents can detect the signs of a bullying problem. Many schools do not take this problem as seriously as they should. If you haven’t seen the clip yet, here is the link:

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