Building positive self-esteem in our children


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Magic For Young Children and Parents – Lovable ME! Builds Self Esteem

Self –esteem is how we feel about ourselves, having pride in ourselves, our independence, and self reliance are part of what makes up our self-esteem. Having self- confidence and self-respect is another important part of self-esteem.

As parents or educators, there is a great deal of influence on children’s self-esteem. I did some research recently on bullying and why children are bullies. Part of the issue is that some children have very poor self-esteem and therefore treat other badly in order to make themselves feel better about themselves. This is part of their acting out.

Poor self-esteem is related to lack of confidence, anxiety, depression, suppressed anger, sleeping problems, insecurity and being a loner or non-sociable person.On the other hand the more positive the self-esteem in a child, the respect they will have for themselves and others. Children with positive self-esteem will be more loving towards others. They will try harder to please their parents and teachers and be happier individuals.

Taking this into consideration, what does all the recent bullying in elementary schools tell us? I believe parents and educators must build up the children’s self-esteem and help them develop into caring people.

The problem in society today is that many children either don’t have that positive encouragement or are too influenced by outside sources other than their school or home.

It is important to build up children’s self-esteem before they hit adolescent years because after they become a certain age, their peers will be their main influence on their choices. It is important to create positive self-esteem in children before adolescence in order for them to resist negative peer pressure and be caring people. Putting a stop to bullying will have to start with building positive self-esteem in our young children.



8 thoughts on “Building positive self-esteem in our children

  1. Tina….it’s so nice to connect with you..thanks so much for coming to visit my blog and leaving such lovely comments. I just appeared on Denver TV 9News, talking about bullying: This link will take you to my author website where I was able to upload the video clip. Or, you can go to my parenting blog: and read the article. I totally believe that the best defense against bullying is helping kids build self-esteem…I’ve never met a bully who thought well of himself/herself…and most kids who become victims of bullies have low self-esteem already also…that kind of makes them a target. 😦 So we need to empower parents with ideas of how they can help their kids attain a positive self-image! That’s been my mission for many years. 🙂
    I love what you are all about and will be following your blog and Twitter. 🙂

    1. Thank you for your encouraging words. Our mission is the same. Helping children live happy fulfilled lives and keeping them all safe and secure. Through literature and picture books -the message will prevail! Great interview. Your insight and advice on the subject of bullying was very informative.I’m so glad we have connected too. I will be following your blog and twitter too. 🙂

    1. That’s right… My daughter lives in the middle of the city. Sometimes I tell her to move away from that area, but when she tells me what is happening with some children in her neighborhood and how they love to stop by her house to talk, I know she is making a difference in their lives. Even if you give a few kind words-you are sewing a seed in their hearts. She is a light shining in the darkness. There have been many children in her life that need a positive role model. We must watch out for all children.Thanks for your response…


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