Update on Jazmyn

Pray also for the children who bully others..
Heaven has another child…

This is an update…. Little Jazmyn went to be with the Lord…

She will be missed…

Her life was  short, but her message will save many…

Her reward in Heaven is great…

May family and friends find God’s peace and healing through this time of great sorrow…



14 thoughts on “Update on Jazmyn

  1. Okay, I just watched a youtube video about a little girl named Jasmine who hung herself in her bedroom closet with a belt because kids picked on her at school..I’m assuming this is the same person you are referring to. Question though, how did they figure out this is why she did it? They didn’t say. And since the mother held her in her arms, have they completely found the parent(s) innocent of any involvement in this?

    1. This is another child. There are too many! I consider bullying another tool of the enemy- like drugs. trying to kill,steal and destroy. We must pray and start acting. Spread the word. Let kids know how wrong bullying is and also talk to kids about how important each one of them are and how they all have a special purpose in life.


  2. The girl I found on youtube is a ten year old girl from NC named Jasmine McClain..wow..there are that many young suicides over the same thing? I was terribly bullied in school, I know the frustration. I hated school because of it, and didn’t want to go. I would cry and cry. http://youtu.be/2SzAMMam5yU

    1. I can remember being teased because when asked about my father, I had to tell them that my father was in prison. I started telling people that my father had died, so i wouldn’t have to tell anyone that he was in prison…. that’s was hard. 😦 Jesus must cry when He sees what some of these children are doing to other children!


      1. I was chubby as a child, and I got made fun of about that, and I got called Lesbian and all sorts of mean things..for no reason. Didn’t look gay or act gay..just kids being mean. Kids also would corner me in the gym locker room and beat the crap out of me and all sorts of things. It was awful. I dreaded going to school.

    1. I’m sorry that I didn’t respond to your questions sooner. I just got on my computer.This is so sad. 😦 �I told my daughter to talk to my granddaughters about this. She has 4 girls ages 2-12. My daughter was bullied in High school. She was hit in the face with a book and some girls tried to poison her drink at lunch time. I called the police and pressed charges against the girl. It was all because the girl liked a boy that liked my daughter. My daughter didn’t even like the kid. I allowed my daughter to withdraw from school and get her GED and go to Cosmetology School at 17. I am looking into volunteering to go speak in schools about bullying. It really upsets me because I work with kindergartners and I see it there! 😦 Tina


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