Motivation- What exactly motivates us to continue on in life after we have experienced heartache? Each one of us should have something or someone in our lives that contributes to our choice to carry on despite our bouts with discouragement and disappointment

. I can remember when I was about 12 years old, I was in an automobile accident with my mother, her friend, and my four brothers. We were visiting a family in Ringoes New Jersey late at night. My mother became concerned because her friend had to drive us home and he had been drinking too much. We all got into the car, mom in the front and we kids were in the back seat. Mark- the youngest had fallen asleep, but awoke when my mother began to yell at the driver to slow down “slow down-my kids are in this car” she said. He became furious and went faster. Mark cried and climbed over the seat to be with mom. Back then (37 years ago) there weren’t child safety seat laws, so we kids were just sitting in the car with seat belts loosely around us. I remember the car going down hill very fast and hitting a tree or telephone pole. I think it must have been a tree because there were not any lights around at all. As I looked around, I saw my mother covered with blood and unconscious. Mark was sitting wrapped tightly in her arms crying with a huge piece of the broken windshield in the corner of his eye. My other brothers were in the back seat looking as if they were in shock. The driver got out of the car and ran through the fields, leaving us there on our own. I asked David to come with me to find help. We ran down a long road looking for a house with a light on. The first house we found did not answer as we pounded on their door. We continued down the road to a big house that had their front porch light on. The sound of a barking dog awoke the people in the house. As they opened their door, they looked down in shock as they saw two young children standing there asking for help, I’m sure they didn’t expect to see us standing outside their door on a dark night. It wasn’t long before we heard the sirens and were taken down to the accident site by the police.

When I think about us running in the dark together, I feel like crying. I remember what my motivating factor was at that moment of darkness and fear. It was my little brother’s face as he cried. The sight of my mother- unconscious, holding him tightly in her arms, will never leave my memory.

When I write something like this, I am  hesitant to share, but then my motivation clicks in. The fact that I can share with others and possibly encourage someone to continue on and find hope is my motivating factor. Those who have been hurt, been disappointed, gone through a separation or divorce or possibly lost a loved one can know that there is light in the darkness. Just as I found a house with a light on in the darkest night; others can know -there is hope and there is a better future. Strength comes to us even in the hardest situations if we focus on our motivating factor.

Pray and trust God to move in your life in a mighty way. Healing and joy comes in the morning!


2 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. Thank you, My book in progress has a lot of memories that bring tears to my eyes, but there are stories that show how God brought good out of every situation.

    PS. The two little girls holding hands are my youngest daughter little girls… My little angels! I am blessed.

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