Getting into school mode….

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Genevieve Erker demonstrates Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning

As the month of September slowly but surely approaches, I am thinking about getting back into the school mode. As a teacher for kinder-enrichment, I am always looking for creative ideas to add to my classroom. I use a lot of visuals in my lesson plans and classroom. I’m already thinking about how I am going to decorate the classroom. I want to focus on the “All about me” during the month of September. Children need to learn all about themselves and the world around them. Incorporating the use of technology and multi-cultural ideas is essential to having a class that appreciates the different diversity represented in their class. Even young children enjoy learning about the different cultures represented in their classroom.

You Tube, My Space, knowing more about the world; these are the technological interest of the students today. Technology is a big part of our student’s lives, at home and in the classroom. As a teacher who is teaching the students who will become the global citizens of the 21st. century, It is important to use technology along with a creative plan to create an attitude of appreciation for the diversity of our Nation. Students are global citizens who need to learn about other cultures to be the creative people of the 21st.century. Developing and implementing a plan to teach the children of the 21st. century is  a challenge. While we in the United States are teaching the basics like math, reading and writing, there are other countries teaching their students global issues. In order to create a sense of being global citizens’ attitude among our students, it is important to create a sense of community in their schools and in the classroom.

America is multicultural in every aspect. As I look at a classroom with about five or six different cultures represented, I know I must have two things on my agenda. The first is to have good classroom management. This will enable me to have a classroom atmosphere that will enforce the “respect each other rule.”  The second item that I will have on my agenda, is to carry out a plan to teach my students that the diversity in the classroom is an exceptional thing.

The fact that America is the country that it is, leads back to the freedom cause. The freedom to be who you are, and to celebrate the cultural diversity of your heritage is what it means to live in America. I teach my students what it means to be a “Global Citizen.”

Children need to become critical thinkers as they grow and get older. Students also should learn how to make connections between ideas and use those ideas to keep on learning.

Technology and learning go together; these are the means of a creative learning process.


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