Writing a Memoir

As a child, I was very quiet but I took in everything that was going on around me. I wondered what people were feeling as I observed their lifestyles, actions and reactions. As I grew older, I began to have an understanding of people. I can remember a time that I watched my grandfather as he was amazed at the sight of my first born. He stood over my tiny newborn and smiled.That was an unusual thing for him to do. PopPop was always very serious and we always said it was because he was tired from working third shift for so many years. After he retired, he spent more time outdoors in his yard and fishing, but his health was failing. I always knew Pop Pop had a soft heart, despite his harsh looks.

I understood why my grandmother would take the transit bus into the city to visit us at times. She was told by PopPop not to go by herself; but she did anyway. She would bring treats and money for us all. Everyone in the neighborhood knew Mimi. She was a sweet, caring person. She was nice to everyone. I never heard her say a cruel remark about anyone. She was a no nonsense person too. S he had no time for gossip or bad behaviors. I knew everyone behaved at Mimi’s house, because that what she expected of us. All of her grandchildren wanted to be at her house and that was a problem, because there were so many of us and she lived in a small house. So we took turns, and when it was my turn, I felt like I was on the greatest vacation!

I started writing my Memoir a year ago, and had to put it down for awhile. Recently, I bagan writing again. As I read articles about authors who wrote their memoirs, I understand the motivating factors of these writers. I know how important it is for us to touch the lives of others who have gone through similar circumstances. As I write, I see how many people have influenced my life and have  made an impact on who I am today. Knowing who we are and what we believe is a sign of strength and wisdom. This comes with trials, tribulations, heartaches, joys, blessings and everything else that life brings. Our lives and how we live it is a statement to others. Whatever you have experienced can help you find yourself and have a good ending. Allow God to work it together for the good. Be an instrument that will bring hope to those who are going through tough times. Great strength comes from faith in God and brings hope for a better future. We are influencing others and may not see the fruit of our seeds for years. Our memories are here forever.

As I write my Memoir, I experience the actions and emotions once again.

I know what my driving force is.

Think about it…

Write about it…

We all have a story to tell….

Touch others with your story…

When writing, it is important to follow a guideline.

 We can easily get distracted by a busy life!

I recommend using this guideline:

  1. Set a timeline.
  2. Document events that have influenced your life.
  3. Write daily and don’t worry about writing a story in chronological order. That’s not what your Memoir is all about.
  4. Write about your emotions and how each event touched your heart.
  5. Write how certain events and people have influenced your convictions and what you believe.
  6. Write your story with passion and from your heart.
  7. Tie it all together with an ending that will change lives!

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