Amazing storm clouds!




Storm clouds above Mt. Joy PA









Picture by Maria Rivera-outside her home in Mt.Joy PA 7/29/2012



Has anyone noticed the crazy looking storm clouds lately?

I am sitting here typing and I hear loud thunder. Whatever happened to our summer?

I know that my body is craving vitamin D because my legs ache! As I get older-yes I said it! As I get older, I notice a great deal of changes taking place all around me. The weather, the children, the economy… I could go on and on…. I have been home this summer, trying to enjoy time with family. The sunshine just hasn’t been cooperating with my plans. It was either too hot or it rained.

The weather has been strange and our summer has been a little unpredictable.  I believe God wants us to be aware of his power. When we see the wind blowing trees and we feel the sting of a strong rain storm, we know that God is in control. Our hearts can rest in the storms. Our hopes are not based on the crazy weather. They are based on our faith in God. A God that can move mountains and calm the storms.

I know that God has given us the change of seasons to show us his handiwork in our beautiful earth. As we awake each day, we should be thankful for another day. The storms may hover over us in life, but God is still in control. The heat may cause us to be a little uncomfortable, but we should always be willing to step out of our comfort zones.

Remember those around us who don’t know God’s peace. Pray for those who are responding negatively to the storms in their lives.I know that our God holds us  all in His hands… What safer place could we be?


Picture taken after the flood waters consumed most of Main St. in Mt. Joy PA.


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