Inspirational writing


     “A penny for your thoughts?”

Well, that’s how some author’s feel at times. A penny for each  written thought. Writing takes time, imagination, dedication and determination. Even after you carry out your goals, you still haven’t earned enough royalties to retire from your daytime job! Unless, of course you hit it big with a publisher like Scholastic or Random House.

Doesn’t matter- I still have time to write my best seller!  I have always been a dreamer and I know that miracles can and do happen!  Throughout life, there are many times that a story comes to mind. Like when my granddaughters are sitting in the big closet talking amongst themselves about how if you look up at the clouds, you can see where Jesus walks.

Ever have writer’s block? When faced with what we call writers block, the best thing to do is just watch and listen to those around you. Look for the inspirational moments and then you can begin to write once again.

Where do you write?  Many writers have said they write just about anywhere and on just about anything! I have little pieces of paper, napkins, notebooks, etc that have little bits of story ideas written at moments that occur at any given time. I also have about three different books in progress because I have inspirational moments for each story.

Writer's Block
Writer’s Block (Photo credit: Elemento Zeca)

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