Inspiring creativity in children


Humman Hugger #3, The Schuylkill Center for En...
Humman Hugger #3, The Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education (Photo credit: sarahnphillips)


As with any planned activity, getting your child to read and write has to be done with creative planning on our part. Planning a visit to an educational center can start their creative juices flowing. Philadelphia offers a very special place for experiencing nature’s best, inside and out. The Schuylkill Center offers 340 acres and over three miles of hiking trails. Visitors experience many types of habitats and creatures during their visit.  The Schuylkill Center’s exhibits serve as an educational tool for both parents and educators to use. Take time this summer to join and experience a creative experience of nature, right in the city.


Instilling a love and respect for nature is very important. We learn so much from watching one of God’s creatures. With children, using the love and respect of nature to inspire their creativity starts with planned activities. The teaching moments in everyday activities can be used to help our children develop a love for learning. Starting with the simple things, like bugs, we can create a thirst in them for reading, writing and learning.


Taking a nature walk will give you the opportunity to talk and share many thoughts and ideas with your children. Stopping to see a simple little creäture will open up a vast amount of questions and ideas. Watch a spider weave its web, an ant crawling up a tree, a dragonfly zooming over a pond, or a funny little inchworm just hanging from a leaf.


Take these ideas and questions to the paper…Creative stories come from inspiring moments. Your children will develop a love for both learning and creative writing. Enjoy and learn from nature’s lessons with your children.


Contact: 215-482-7300


address: Schuylkill Center 8480 Hagy’s Mill Road, Philadelphia







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