Survival skills through the storms of life!

Scared child
Scared child (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Are our children going to be safe and know how to get through a storm without fear taking over? A healthy fear is normal, but we don’t want to instill a fear in our children that paralyzes them. Parents can use a storm as a teachable moment in their child’s life. How we handle life’s storms, is important to our child’s outlook on life. Allow your children to observe and take part in the “getting through the storm” plan. Teach them survival skills and show them there will be sunshine after the storm. This mentality will last them a lifetime.

Allow them to take part in making a list of items that you need to get through the storm. Even young children can be busy drawing pictures of what they need to get through the storm. They can fill a bag with their fun toys (in case the power is out and there is no television!) There are some fun activities for them to do while waiting out the storm

They can help make a list of non-perishable food or get the batteries and put them in the flashlights. Older children can help secure outside items, in case of flooding and high winds. This will instill a sense of pride and ownership in them.

Don’t allow a storm to rip through your family without showing your children the survival skills that they need to survive in life. Be strong and ready for the storms in life and nature. And when an unexpected storm hits, you will remember what you taught your children.


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