Terrific toddlers

Inspiring Creativity in Toddlers
Those terrific two-year olds! They love to keep you on your toes! Have you ever noticed that a two-year old is always looking for a new thing to get into? Why do you think they are constantly getting into things that they shouldn’t  get into? These were questions that I asked myself when I took on the position of the teacher for the two-year old class. I had to come up with some lesson plans that would keep a class full of two-year olds busy and out of trouble. I remembered how interested they were in the big black water-bug that showed up in our classroom sink one morning. It only took one child to say-hey big bug! They were hooked. From that moment on I knew that there was nothing that inspired the curiosity in a child like a big bug. So when I chose books to read, it had to be about nature and the very interesting things that we find in nature’s back yard. It worked, I read the book slowly and as I read, I saw these little energy filled children sitting still and their eyes were as bright as if it was Christmas! Questions followed the book and when it was time to make ants on a log with cream cheese and raisins on celery sticks…well, I never saw such hungry children. When we have children who are constantly getting into trouble, then we need to re-evaluate what we are doing. Are we providing interesting activities for them? Are we taking their curiosity to another level where they can start to ask questions? I can honestly say that teaching two year old was not easy! It is important to take time to plan activities and observe. Provide exciting activities that will inspire their creativity. Using literature to inspire creativity in a child is an easy method to use. Visiting a local book store or library will get your creative juices going. Follow your instinct, Read books that you know will capture their attention. Some I would recommend are old favorites, such as Corduroy, Goodnight Moon, Caps for Sale, The Giving Tree and of course anything that includes a bug!


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